Followers of Jesus in each neighborhood coming together to serve their community

Our Mission:

Connections for good.

Followers of Jesus in each neighborhood coming together to serve their community


What if we joined together to serve our community and multiply our impact?

Each person and congregation has unique strengths that reflect God’s plan for us individually and our neighborhood. We also have limitations and blind spots where we need each other. Unite Philly, the ministry of Cru City in Philadelphia, believes our neighborhoods will flourish spiritually and physically as churches come together across our racial, socio-economic, and denominational silos.


Listening Sessions

Our initial project is the Listening Session, a neighborhood unity event focused on collective impact. This stand alone event, will consist of congregations sharing the responsibility for hosting, prayer, worship, and sharing what breaks God’s heart in their community.

Then the next steps…

connecting as groups of 4

After the conclusion of the 90 min Listening Session, people will go to the Fellowship Hall space to connect with members of different congregations in a group of 4. There they will pray, further discuss neighborhood needs, and share of the assets already in their church/community to address these problems. This time will foster relationships as we learn where God is already at work.


Neighborhood Teams

Unite Philly will later convene those who indicated a desire on the their Listening Session comment cards to collectively address an area of brokeness in their community.

Knowing their neighborhood needs and assets, these community members will decide the issues and how it should best be addressed collectively.


Principal cafes

As we all care about our local schools, Unite Philly will also plan a future event where congregations can collectively hear the strategic plans of all local principals and discuss them at tables of 8.

This event is called a CAFE, short for Community and Family Engagement. It will bridge the gap between churches and schools since principals don’t always know the resources in the community and local congregations don’t always know the school's’ needs or how to best be involved.

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“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them.”

Jesus Christ / John 17:23



About us

Dave and Katie Brindley, missionaries with Cru, moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago to launch Cru’s ministry to international students. After growing a team to launch ministries at universities across the region, they handed the ministry over to their staff to launch Cru City. As you can see below, they are all about partnerships.


Global Connect

The best and the brightest from around the world come to our universities. Many organizations are seeing the strategic nature of this new mission field. Along with Cru, both InterVarsity and ISI also have staff in Philly. Instead of 3 separate organizations, Dave helped bring them together in a new group, called Global Connect. This allowed them to sync calendars, share volunteers, and each focus on what they do best.


family Homework night

The top elementary focus of the Mayor and School District is to see every child read at grade level by 4th grade. There are many ways for citizens to serve during school hours and directly after school, but not many opportunities for people who work 9-5. We launched Family Homework Night, which brought together 4 diverse churches to serve students at Robert Morris Elementary in Brewerytown. The City even wrote about this new initiative.

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Not in Philly

At the end of a long day, Dave would pick up the litter on their block about once-a-week. He hated this sign of hopelessness that was conveyed to children in the neighborhood. After a couple years, he thought about a program where citizens could easily indicate that they would also weekly pick up the litter on their block. Outside of ministry, he worked with the tech and environmental community to create, with now over 1,500 members! 


partnering Financially with our ministry

We are honored to minster in Philadelphia through the generous financial support of our partners.